Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Weekend-Part 1

Friday morning before leaving for work I hand you instructions for the day. After finishing your morning routine, you will dress in the clothes I have selected. A very classy, yet sexy sundress that I bought you on my last trip to New York with some slinky sandals that match.

You already know to wear the gold wrap snake bracelet on your right wrist, to make sure that your toenails are freshly painted and without chips. You also know to dab my favorite perfume behind your ears,on your breast and behind your knees. The other jewelry is left up to you. And of course,nothing on underneath.

Once dressed, there is a list of errands you will need to make before arriving at my office at noon for lunch. At every stop light I want you to play with your pussy. I expect, and will check for myself to see that you are wet.

You close the door and approach my desk, lifting up the sundress, exposing your pussy to me,spreading your legs apart.

I stand before you holding your eyes with mine while my right hand goes right away between your legs, my finger sliding inside with the greatest of ease.

"Good girl." I say praising you.

I work my finger in and out of your pussy, rolling it around your hard clit. You know by now that your eyes are never to leave mine.

I see you struggling not to climax because you have not been granted permission to do so. Your breath is coming more rapidly. I cover your mouth with mine but stop quickly when I feel you start to reach the point of no return.

Removing my now drenched finger from you,I slip it into my own mouth loving the taste of MY pussy.

We will walk down the street to a little cafe for a quick lunch. I hate to cut it short but I am due in court later this afternoon. Plus, we have the whole weekend ahead of us.

The waitress has reserved my favorite booth. Without looking at the menu, I order for both of us.

I slide over closer to you. My hand goes under the table,lifting the fabric of your dress, I slip my hand under your crossed leg as you shift your weight to the other hip.My finger seeks and finds your hot wet pussy.

Your walls squeeze around my finger.

Such a slut for me.

I turn your eyes to face mine.

"Fuck my finger,right here, right now, like the whore you are." I whisper.

Your hips slowly begin to roll around my finger.

The waitress approaches with our drinks and you stop.

"I didn't tell you to stop. Did I,pet?"

"No, Sir." You answer then continue fucking yourself with my finger.

I lean back in the booth, lifting the scotch and water to my lips with the other hand. I can tell by the way you are moving and the look in your eyes that you are close.

Suddenly I remove my finger from you, dipping it straight away in my drink before rubbing it across your lips.

A gentleman across the way has caught my attention.He seems most captivated by our performance.

"Uncross your legs", I softly order and you do so without questions.

"See the gentleman over there." I ask, casting my eyes over in his direction.

"Yes Sir."

"Raise your dress a little, spread your legs and give him a good look at my pretty, hot pussy."

Your eyes nervously dart back and forth from him to me.

"Do as I ask, pet."

Without further hesitation you reach under the table, raise your dress and part your legs.

Our peeeping Tom really has something to peep at now.

You flinch.

"Keep them open", I say leaning in to kiss your neck.

He can't take his eyes off of you and I can't blame him.

Dipping my finger into my drink, I place it on your lips.

"Pretend this is my cock".

Slowly you suck my finger into your mouth.

Tom is shifting around in his chair, unable to believe what he is seeing.

The ringing of his cell phone breaks the trance he is in and it is with great distress that he takes his eyes off your pussy.

I am most pleased with your behavior. We have come such a long way since the start of your training.

After lunch you walk me back to the office. Expecting nothing more than a kiss goodbye, I pull you inside and lock the door.

"You have pleased me today my love."

I pull you to me. Your body and mind crying out for the release of orgasm. You will have it. But not right now.

Leaning back against my desk I only want to look at you.

"Show me your tits"

You lift them out of the sundress, rubbing your nipples.

"Suck my cock like the good little slut you are."

You kneel down in front of me and begin to unzip my trousers.

Until we meet again. Tune in next time for Part 2


  1. May I deduce from the comment that you enjoyed the story thus far ? If so,remember to come back for parts 2 and 3.

  2. You are a terrible tease. A dirty rotten tease. Give a girl a little. Or a lot.

  3. Not to fear sexy vixen known as A.Secret. I am indeed a dirty,rotten tease. But I also know how to please.


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