Monday, June 29, 2009

New Dom In Town

I must admit to never having blogged. Guess that makes me a blogging virgin.

I am a real,living,breathing and practicing Dom. That isn't what I am, it is who I am.

I became interested in the D/s lifestyle at the age of 16 and have lived it ever since.

Many claim to be Dom's, but few really are. I detest the punks that read a few books or articles and decide they are a "DOM". They think they can pull some hair,speak sharply, swat a backside,demand a blowjob and that makes them a Dom. I'm here to tell you, it does not.

Being a real Dom isn't a hobby or something you live every once in a while, on the weekends,etc. It is a 24-7 thing.

Also, being a Dom, doesn't mean that I am evil or that I use,abuse and beat women.

I love,adore and worship womankind. A true Dom will never abuse a sub in any way and that includes but is not limited to,mental and emotional abuse as well as physical.

A real Dom will know the value of a true sub. And while I am at it, to be a sub does not mean a woman is weak. Far from it.

Once you find that special sub that completes you and makes you mind and body feel alive and your soul sing, she is your shining pride.

You can tell a good Dom by the way he treats his sub. A good and true Dom always protects and loves that which belongs to him. Always.

What kind of dick am I if my sub, my lady, is unhappy?

She looks to me, not as a master, but as her protector. She is mine, is in my charge, it is my obligation to her and me as well to safeguard her in any and all ways possible.

If my lady has tears, it is my job to dry them.

Scared, my job to make her feel safe.

Alone,my job to comfort her.

Upset, my job to soothe her.

A real Dom does not rule with fear, but with compassion. She is part of me. Flesh of flesh and bone of my bone. Who among us doesn't take care of that which belongs to us?

If she has doubts, then I have failed her, and to a true Dom, that is not acceptable. For only a true Dom,knows what a rare flower the love and devotion of a sub is. I am to love and care for her as I do for myself.

She must love you with her mind as well as her heart and body. Make her mind feel safe, let it be secure in it's trust for and of you and that will expand and further develop the bonds between. Thus, making two become one.

As a Dom, that is what I seek.

I don't want a robot, but a real woman who at the core of her being is a sub. You can find submissive women to play with around every corner and most of them just play at it. They know all the right things to say, but sadly, most are of the mind set that to be a sub means to be used or walked on like a doormat.

I have no attraction at all to a woman without enough self esteem not to be used and walked on like a door mat. I want a woman with enough spunk and wherewithall to stand up for herself. Even if it means calling me on the carpet. You need a woman like that to gound you. A woman who sees behind all your blow hard male bravado is a keeper.

Most men don't look past what they see in front of their eyes when looking for a sub. I want a woman with substance. Someone I can have an intelligent conversation with, and someone I still want to spend time and be with after the lovemaking, sex and play is finished.

One thing that I look for and at, in a potential partner, one that has proven over the years to be most telling, and please, spare me the tongue lashing about old fashioned ideas, but, the condition of her house or apartment. There,I said it.

It isn't always the case, but over 90% of the time, a woman with a clean, neat and tidy home, is one you should give a second look. That speaks not only to her housekeeping abilities, far from it, but it mostly speaks to how she feels about herself. Does she have pride and self esteem? Does she pay attention to detail? A woman that has pride in her home, will have pride in her relationship with her man. She pays attention to her home, will pay attention to you.

Oh the other hand, a full out slob who is content to live in an unkept place, will be unkept in her relationship with you. Like I said, that isn't always the case, but most of the time you can bank on it. After all, they say home is where the heart is. If her home is a mess and cold, her heart is the same. A woman who is intentional with her home, will be intentional with you.

I have a weakness for those steel magnolias, soft spoken,strong southern women who are well versed and practiced in the art of seduction. And can do so with the bat of an eye or subtle movement.

Enough for now.Until we meet again.


  1. Welcome to blogging handsome. Who doesn't love a man who knows what he wants.

  2. You honor me with your visit pretty one. After reading your blog, not to mention those eye popping,dick throbbing photos you posted, you wouldn't have to beg me you naughty little minx. Well,perhaps just a little.


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