Monday, July 20, 2009


It was well after midnight when we arrived at the lake house. The drive was most pleasant, though it didn't go as you had expected. I'm sure you had anticipated some playing as we traveled. Instead, we held hands, kissed at traffic lights and talked.

I so much enjoyed the view of the lady I love in the seat next to me. The smell of your perfume, the anxious look on your face as you wonder what is in store. But, you trust me and I never take that for granted. A woman's heart,love and trust must be protected and honored.

Your juices are flowing. The 7 days of not being allowed to climax have all your senses heightened. During our years together you have learned patience and control.

I quickly unload the SUV and we stroll down to the waters edge. The moonlight catches your hair and I am captivated. What did I do to deserve the love of such a woman.

I pull you into my arms. You press your body into mine and all I can do is look into your eyes.

You kiss my neck. My cock springs to attention. You moan while pressing your hot pussy against it. I take you by the hand, leading the way back to the house. I open the sliding glass door that goes from the patio into the kitchen.

"Strip", I order while kicking off my shoes.

I watch as you undress, the moonlight casting a seductive glow. Quickly I remove my own clothing, then stroke my hard pulsing cock while waiting for you to finish.

Taking your nipples between your own fingers, you pinch them, your chest heaving up and down.

I can smell your desire and it imflames me.

"Is your pussy wet,slut?"


"Show me", I demand still stroking my 9 inch pole.

You approach me, spreading your legs. Releasing my cock, I put my hand between your legs. The middle finger slides inside you with the greatest of ease.

I inhale sharply. You are without a doubt, the hottest woman I have ever known.

"Very good my pet. You have pleased me."

"Thank you, Sir." You pant as I slide my finger in and out of your steaming cunt.

"You hot little slut."

"Sir, I......I......"

Already you are on the verge of orgasm.

"Not yet baby girl." I say slipping my finger out of your wet hole.

I press my finger up to your lips.

"Taste the hot pussy that I am going to fuck"

I am giving you time to come down as you suck my finger into your mouth.

Your breathing returns to normal.

"Kitchen table, on your back. Now." I order.

I slide a chair out of the way as you place yourself on the table,laying back carefully.

Grabbing the chair, I seat myself between your spread legs. Lifting your thighs, I place them on my shoulders.

Kissing your inner thighs, all around your steaming mound. I take my time, kissing any and every where but 'there'.

It drives you insane. Finally, I press my lips to your clit,placing light, soft kisses all around your pussy.

"Sir......" You plead.

"Not now my pet.", I say,slowly rolling my tongue up and down over your hard clit.


"You are a sweet slut."

I thrust my tongue inside your pussy right away hitting the G-spot.

"Sir....please. Please....Sir...."

Suddenly I stop. You need more time to cool down.

I get up and lean over you, shoving my tongue inside your mouth then down to those ripe tits.

I help you down from the table. You start to kneel between my legs. I stop you.

"Plenty of time for that this weekend my pet. Tonight is all about you. Tell me what you want my love."

"Fuck me,Sir. I want you to fuck my brains out."

I turn you around, pushing you against the table.

"Fucking you want. A fucking you shall get my slut."

My hard cock is pressing against you.

"Present that pussy for fucking" I order.

You lay your chest on the table, spreading your legs and sticking out your ass.

With great precision, I aim my cock right for your snatch and sink it deep inside you. Already I can feel your pussy walls contracting.

"Come on Princess. Get fucked"

I am fucking you faster and harder. My big fuzzy nut sacks slapping against your ass.

"Yes....yes. Fuck me. Fuck your whore" You scream moving with me in perfection.

"Come on you little slut. Cum for Daddy."


I am fucking you like a jackhammer.

"Now slut.....cum all over Daddy's big cock."

"I'm cumming......fuck me with that big dick.....yes daddy, never stop fucking me...."

"Take this cock my little slut"

"Oh, daddy,daddy,daddy....fuck me daddy...fuck me more....."

Fucking Christ you are a wild woman!

It is taking every ounce of will power I have to keep from filling that tight little pussy with my spunk.

I pull out of you, exhausted, still hard as a rock, cock soaking wet with your juices, I seat myself in the kitchen chair.

"Come here precious and sit that hot pussy on daddy's cock."

You stradle me. Bracing your hands against the back of the chair. I bury my head between your tits. Grabbing your ass with both hands.

"Fuck Daddy good baby doll, get some more cock."

"Oh, love fucking me, don't you daddy."

"Yes you whore."

"Love sticking your big fat cock in my tight little pussy"

I am about to blow a gasket. I ram a finger up your ass and you lose it.

"Fuck me baby girl. Fuck me like the slut you are."

Tune in next time for Part 4


  1. like the weekend is off to a banging start.

  2. Lil'Darlin' You have an open invite to such a weekend at any time your heart and body desires. You never know, the weekend could turn into a lifetime.


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